heartheaddo: (Elmer)
My gratitudes for the week are -

  1. Two weeks of not smoking.

  2. Fantastic weather.

  3. Getting mums furniture.

  4. Money for a take-away.

  5. Two potentially upsetting days not being as emotional as anticipated.

  6. Being financially secure after worrying for so long that I wouldn't be.

  7. Radio 1 Extra.

Plus one extra - Having a good week!!
heartheaddo: (Happy Thoughts)

  1. I had a nice day in Oxford on Monday.

  2. Feeding ducks in the park on Tuesday. There were three baby ducks scooting across the water which made me laugh.

  3. I made a start on 'my mum' picture.

  4. I had a lovely Sunday Roast and then promptly fell asleep on the sofa for an hour :)

  5. Spent a lovely afternoon with Mike on Friday. Three days out in one week... Go me!!

  6. Started writing in my paper journal again.

  7. Yesterday I had a random kiss from Elise