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Oh boy, what a day we've have had today but before I get onto that, I will start with the good stuff. I actually got to meet my good friend[livejournal.com profile] scarred_tiggeryesterday and he was just what I expected... a real sweety :) We spent a really lovely evening eating pizza and chatting. It was so nice to finally meet him and I hope we get to do it again :)

Now for the not so good stuff. After I said goodbye to Tiggy, Sammie and I went to the supermarket to do our monthly shop. We'd almost done when Elise started whinging. Sammie soon discovered that Elise had somehow managed to get her foot stuck between the bars of the shopping trolley. Before I go any further, I need to explain that Elise refuses to sit properly in the trolley and always ends up sitting sideways, which has never caused us any problems in the past and as she is at least sat down, that we figured she was safe from harm. We tried to lift her to get her foot out but because she was at such a funny angle, we couldn't get her foot out. Elise also got quite upset as it must have hurt. I went and found a member of staff, explained to her what happened and she came and had a go too. Then more staff turned up and someone went and got some cream as they thought that hopefully that would help to get her foot free... no such luck. By then we had quite an audience (oh the shame). After a good twenty minutes of scratching heads it was decided the emergency services needed calling (more shame) and we were led out to the back of the store. Ten minutes later three ambulance men arrived. There wasn't a lot they could do apart from check her over as best they could. Not long after that the fire men arrived. There was a little more head scratching until they figured the best way to free Elise's foot would be to cut the bars with a tool that they use to cut the foot pedals in a car after an accident. We had to go outside for this to be done as the tool is powered by a small generator(?). It took the seconds to free Elise and what a relief it was. She must have been stuck in the trolley for an hour, bless her. It was so embarrassing but EVERYONE was absolutely lovely. Five minutes later Elise was running around the supermarkets staff training room all smiles.

We had to leave soon after because we were running late for Elise's hospital appointment for her blood test and we had to pop home before we could go so we could put some cream on the area where they would take the blood to numb it. The supermarket manager said that they would put our shopping in cold storage and we could return after to pay for it, which was really nice of them.

Getting Elise's blood taken was a doddle compared to having have her being cut free from a trolley. Sammie and a nurse distracted Elise while I held her arm still and the phlebotomist took the blood. Elise hardly noticed.

For all she went through, Elise got a little ride on car and she absolutely loves it. That more than makes up for it :)

I hope this makes sense as I wanted to write this before I head off to bed... I need an early night.