heartheaddo: (Perfect Day)
I had a lovely weekend doing very little but listen to music and watch movies. It's been pure bliss and I needed it!

I watched...

Transformers 1, 2 and 3.
Clash of the Titans.
Iron Man 3
Oblivion, which I found weird.
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Everything Illuminated. Sorry [livejournal.com profile] acidgreenpen. It wasn't really my thing :(
Dark Skies.

It's been ages since I have watched this many movies and watching all these really helped give me some much needed respite from my thoughts. My concentration was pretty good throughout most of them too and usually that is pretty poor.

I bought a portabel hard-drive. Mostly so I can back-up my laptop. I have two but they're temperamental to say the least and I don't want to risk losing everything... Now that would make me cry! I've told Paul that he can have one of them, as he's getting short of space on his and he doesn't use them for anything that doesn't really matter if he loses. I've tried transferring the important things like photos and journals over to my new HD before I format it and it's not working. I think it's because it's from Windows to Apple *sigh* I don't know how to sort that out. Does anyone have any idea what to do?

Today I went on the hunt for new music to listen to, with the help of Amazon recommendations. I found...

Allo Darlin
The Civil Wars
Half Moon Run
Little Green Cars

I get all excited when I find something new to listen to. Little things please little minds and all that :)

Simon is round here now watching TV while I sit here listening to music with my headphones on. It's a good job that he doesn't care but then if he did he knows where the door is :P

I wanted to get out with my camera this week but it doesn't look like I will be able to. I've got to wait in for a package tomorrow - I could go then if it arrives early enough, which I doubt - Wednesday I'm going to Restore and Sammie is coming Thursday. Actually, I could go out Friday because Grandma is having Elise for the day... I hope that I can!

Have a good week all x