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✣ I don't know why I feel so lonely lately. I'm usually very happy with my own company (something I always believed I'd never say), but lately that couldn't be further from the truth. I just feel very alone and it seems to be with me, even when I have company.

✣ I have been getting some really intrusive thoughts and they really scare me. They just aren't normal and I honestly fear that I am losing my mind. I don't feel able to seek help though, like i know I should.

✣ I've had the TV on all day, which is highly unusual for me. I usually hate having it on during the day but it's like having company.

✣ Watching the news depresses me but I still watch it. There never seems to be anything happy in it. Tonights news consisted of elderly abuse and a woman whose dogs attacked a 14 year old girl and got away with it. It's all so wrong :(

✣ I can't help but hate myself... immensely!

Ending on a positive...

✣ I've not got a sweet tooth but have just enjoyed a Galaxy Ripple... Yum!!